CCR 2016 Episode 11-For Cod Sake's I left it in the car

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 11-For Cod Sake's, I left it in the car

 Time: 03/23/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome to this weeks show cave dwellers. Choo Choo, Big B and DK are all in the house. Big B has just arrived home from a busy day and is enjoying boneless ribs. Choo has a fascination with Americana and believes a fedora will make him a cowboy. DK has a pet peeve about unknown numbers. Then the boys surprise DK by proclaiming him the Magistrate of Urine Stench Alley after someone decides to give him a new nickname. We then analyze how our authority would play out if we were a game of Chess. Also on tap, Hulk Hogan cashes in, an epic crash in Florida, and terrorism in Canada and Italy. When a man in Toronto hijacks a bus and there is a strange buzzing in a garbage bin. On This week with Alex, we see his dark side and hear about a fish ordered on line. Did you know you could make 12 thousand dollars for traveling and drinking beer? The boys discuss how they order their coffee, and Choo may have confirmed he is in fact a serial killer. Cave Crew Radio airs live 9pm eastern every Wednesday night on . We are no available on the Tunein app, as well as Google play and Itunes. If you enjoyed this show please throw a dollar in the tip jar, we always welcome donations. Until we meet again my friends.

Stu loves America. But this is not a cowboy hat!