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Welcome to the official Cave Crew Radio

Cave Crew Radio is a comedy internet talk radio show/podcast that broadcasts live every Thursday night at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific 2am UK time.

With your hosts


Sir Big B,  Queens, New York, USA

Host and creator of Metal Thunder Radio.  Sir Big B is the Duke of Urine Stench Alley, and the king of the big time rants.

big b return.jpg


MR DK, Ontario, Canada

DK was the host and creator of Double Talk Radio, Verbal Origami and At the Water Cooler.  Sometimes called the man of 87 names.

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Choo Choo Stu, London England

The junior intern, the most interesting man in the world, master story teller, never a dull moment when Stu enters the fray.


An original, independent, comedy talk radio/podcast with a truly global perspective.  We talk about everyday life, current events, weird news, hilarious prank calls and hot topics.  May not be safe for work.