Cave Crew Radio Season 4 Ep3 One tooth Jim and the horse manure election

cave crew radio season 4 Episode 3.jpg

Time: 09/28/2017 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: There shall be no knees taken on this episode cave dwellers. We start off the show with a feisty round table discussion, with our take on the NFL players taking a knee. Hopefully we put this to bed. Then we talk about celebrity deaths. First Hugh Heffner the creator of Playboy magazine and then we talk about the tragic death of former guest and fake news maker, Paul Horner aka Fappy the anti-masturbation dolphin. We play a clip from Pauls appearance in the cave. We have a couple of vagina stories that are sure to tickle. Then we are off to the allotment for updates on the recent election. Finally we have a story of a couple that made a porno movie at a Burger King. Cave Crew Radio can be heard live every Thursday night at 9pm eastern on