CCR2K17 Episode 2 I havent got scooby

Time: 01/12/2017 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back to episode 2 of 2017. It appears at the beginning Stu is having audio problems yet again. So Big B and DK dig right in. We talk of a fugitive mafia leader from Italy with a permanent erection, the people of Florida have discovered a new drug, and where in the world is Waldo. Choo then returns to the fray with guitar in hand and starts to perform music for the boys and all of you. Stu attempts to tell us a story about Finland and Big B and DK try to figure out exactly what the point is. How is Big B doing consuming a shot of bourbon everyday? Cave Crew Radio can be heard live every Thursday at 9pm eastern on http://www, and please support the show on Patreon