Cave Crew Radio 2016 episode 4 A real zap in my gap!

 Special guest Matt Vanderpool 

 Time: 02/03/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Well this week Sir Big B is away with plumbing problems so Mr Wednesday night is joined by none other than Matt Vanderpool aka the man of 1000 voices. We start out chatting about the Super Bowl and then move on to the fiasco that was the Iowa presidential cacaos. Oh old Hillary and her coin toss victory, and Donald Trump is being nominated for a noble peace prize. DK thinks it is inevitable that who ever wins, world war 3 is sure to follow. We chat about a 79 year old lady that is electrocuted by a vibrator and we discover that no one in San Francisco answers their phones. We have 3 new stories for our reporter of the week. First Cody submits a story of a new teen craze, mountain dew and gasoline, Choo Choo enters a story about a camel toe strap on, and Mrs Kotter tells us about a suppository for menstrual cramps. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern only on We are also available for download on itunes or stitcher