CCR 2016 Episode 7 Smells like zombie Christ urine

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Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 7-Smells like zombie Christ urine

Featuring Choo Choo Stu

Time: 02/24/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Well this show is sure to #KickYouInTheCooter folks. DK and Big B are joined tonight by none other than Choo Choo Stu, and they are hell bent on having a party during our most recent winter storm. Its good to see all of Big B's plumbing and electrical is functioning well. First off a recent visit to a church for a christening triggers some very interesting conversation. Have you ever imagined a resurrected Christ has a zombie? Or a Vicar named Gay? What the hell is a Vicar anyway? Also the boys concede that none of them have watched any movies ever that get nominated at the Oscars, so they plan a little celebration of their own. The Golden Anus award features 3 skits from our show where the guests have acted out skits. First its Choo Choo Stu who brought us Constable Carson in a drunken stupor. Then Dylan and Kayla rein act a jealous girls text conversation. Then its the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool doing Salami vs Elmer vs Dave. Who wins? Just tune in to see. Melania Trump has first lady, smoking a fag, and a new member to urine stench alley. Cave Crew Radio is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern and if you would like to throw us a couple bucks go donate at