Cave Crew Radio 2016 episode 2 A Walmart engagement and the Nigerian upstairs

 Cave Crew Radio 2016 Eps 2- A Walmart engagement and the Nigerian upstairs 

 Time: 01/13/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back for our first broadcast from our new home at Tonight Sir Big B and DK have a full night of crazy stuff lined up. We continue our search for the Cave Crew reporter of the week with 3 new stories. First up its Kelly. She submitted a story of a couple that gets engaged in a Walmart and goes on to commit a string of robberies for sex toys and lingerie. Then Choo Choo Stu brings us a story of a butcher who has been serving pork masked as beef to Muslims. Last but not least Cody is in the running again with a new form of male contraceptive, its got an on off switch. Then the boys decide to take up their civic duty to find a home for 11 Syrian refugees and a goat in Calgary. We search down some rooms for rent and try to find a home for our new friends. Enter Richard and Bill our lovely landlords. Thats all for this week. Remember to join the Facebook group and check out the new home page at