Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 24 There is no one named Mike in China

Cave Crew Radio Episode 24

 There is no one named Mike in China

 Time: 06/22/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Well its the first show of summer kids and this show is sizzling with crazy crew antics. This week we recognize a hero in our ranks. It appears that Choo Choo Stu while out for a swift half of a shandy, rescued the Princess Mortlock and saved the day. Also on tap Selfie Sticks and the crimes they commit and Big B's thoughts on punishment. We talk scary movies and a chap that had a heart attack because he was so scared, we are in search for a show DJ and we debut one from an insane asylum on the Isle of Shepley. Then its the return of Call a Random Chinese Restaurant. Our target this week is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Big B and Stu both take a shot at it, but its Stu's last call you are going to want to hear. DK finally receives his shirt, both boys are waiting for their limited edition Choo Choo Stu mugs, and so much more. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and also on CCR TV on you tube. All our apparel is from our sponsor Unworked Apparel. Catch you next week for a special Thursday edition of the show.