Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 24 There is no one named Mike in China

Cave Crew Radio Episode 24

 There is no one named Mike in China

 Time: 06/22/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Well its the first show of summer kids and this show is sizzling with crazy crew antics. This week we recognize a hero in our ranks. It appears that Choo Choo Stu while out for a swift half of a shandy, rescued the Princess Mortlock and saved the day. Also on tap Selfie Sticks and the crimes they commit and Big B's thoughts on punishment. We talk scary movies and a chap that had a heart attack because he was so scared, we are in search for a show DJ and we debut one from an insane asylum on the Isle of Shepley. Then its the return of Call a Random Chinese Restaurant. Our target this week is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Big B and Stu both take a shot at it, but its Stu's last call you are going to want to hear. DK finally receives his shirt, both boys are waiting for their limited edition Choo Choo Stu mugs, and so much more. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and also on CCR TV on you tube. All our apparel is from our sponsor Unworked Apparel. Catch you next week for a special Thursday edition of the show.

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 21 Doo Doo Stu and a ripped apart fireplace part 2

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 21

 Doo Doo Stu and a ripped apart fireplace part 2

 Guest Carla and Erik the Swede

 Time: 06/01/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Well nothing ventured nothing gained cave dwellers, so we are hitting this one again. This week it is the return of our resident Bronie Erik the Swede, for some more adventure into the world of My Little Pony. While sipping on some Zambuka, Erik explains how a fellow bronie is kidnapping him this weekend and this week we learn about the Pega-Sisters. Then its our good friend Carla. We are just checking in on her war against the transgender bathroom issues and the Bowel Movement of Solidarity. Also on tap we have a couple of cat issues disrupting the show, a whale vomit beer in Australia, Choo Choo Stu has written a song for the show, and chef Stu tells us all about pig cheeks. Cave Crew Radio is heard live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on and check out our sponsor at Unworked Apparel at

CCR 2016 Ep 13 Mr X. London here...while tossing at the front of the train

CCR 2016 Episode 13 Mr X.  London here....tossing at the front of the train

Special guest Mr X and Robert Q

Time: 04/06/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: This week DK, Choo Choo, and Big B are joined by well some very special guests. Mr X and his gang from the Bella Terra Mobile Park Estates invades the show. Mr X is the voice behind all the characters on the Angry Old Man Podcast. We start by having a little chat with Robert Q when low and behold the whole gang pops in to say hello. DK needs to side track things for a second to question Stu about a Thai restaurant in England called Robin Hood. After a short break we convince Mr X to partake in some spirits with the crew, and he pours a glass of straight vodka. All laughs aside, come listen to a great interview and learn how he makes the show, how the characters were created, and all the work that goes into a production like this. There is some talk about the radio biz and the state of pod casting. All and all a very fun show. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on See ya next week

A very special and fun bonus show

Cave Crew Radio 2016 bonus
 A really special, fun, bonus show

 Time: 03/17/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Well look at this. 2 shows in one week. Well you see, Sir Big B requested it because he could not attend last nights show. Apparently he has a lot to say. We recap the subjects we addressed (Listen to CCR 2016 Eps 10 Gators and penatrators). We talk about the gator lady, traveling to Florida, Choo Choo's birthday, going to a metal concert when you are old and some other stuff. Then just for Big B we do another new segment of This week with Alex. Lets not forget the masturbating ninja. Listen in for this special and very fun and very very exciting show. Check us out at See ya!

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Ep 10 Gators and penetrators

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 10 Gators and penatretors

 Special guest: Matt Vanderpool the man of 1000 voices

 Time: 03/16/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Well golly do we have a show for you. DK and Choo Choo Stu are in the house. Tonight we look back at the one year birthday since the creation of Choo. Listen in has DK explains his fear of Pillsbury biscuits. We interview Mary Thorn who owns a pet alligator, that is sensitive to the sun and dines at the table. We almost forgot to mention that the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool joined the party. He gives his speech for the golden anus award. Then a new segment this week with Alex. Alex teaches food safety. More talk about good ole Finland and it wouldnt be a show if we did not address butt chugging. Cave Crew Radio is recorded live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern at available where ever good podcasts are free. Catch you on the flip flop.

Bartholomew the birthday clown

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 9 A naked police chief in a special sauna

Cave Crew Radio Episode 9 A naked police chief in a special sauna

 Time: 03/09/2016 09:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: We are back and we have clearly lost our marbles this week. Its DK, Sir Big B and Choo Choo Stu in studio this week. So why was the Duke absent last week. Then we turn to Queens, New York for a story about a spa and underwater sex. Stu then begins to tell us a story about saunas in Finland and a naked police chief. Last weeks segment on butt plugs was so enticing we decided to bring it up again. Bad decision. Also both Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan have their penises all over the headlines. Apparently orgasmic meditation is a thing, and the Prime Minister of Piss addresses Parliament. Cave Crew Radio is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on we are also available on Tunein andGoogle Play. Next week. A special
birthday party


Enema underwear???

2016 Episode 8.....50 shades of anus

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 8--50 Shades of Anus

 Special guest DJ Chris (from Double Talk Radio)

 Time: 03/02/2016 09:00 PM EST Episode Notes: Welcome back to the cave folks. This week its DK with out Sir Big B but fear not. It is old meets new as Choo Choo Stu and DJ Chris (Former host of Double Talk Radio) jump in studio. Perhaps a slow start as we discuss Stu's new position has the prime minister of piss. But the train quickly leaves the station, Choo tells us about his McDonalds experience and using a thing called wiffy. Kanye West is caught using Pirate bay for Illegal downloads, an elf high on acid does battle with the evil Morgoth, apparently if trump wins a lot of people will be moving to DK's beloved Canada, and remember your memory foam mattress is called that for a reason. Then its time for the reporter of the week. Mrs Kotter submits a story about a man who smuggles turtles in his pants, Cho gives us one of a 16 year old boy who gets to live with a porn star for a month, and lastly Cody sends in, a mom who thinks a butt plug is a cats toy. All this and so much more. You never know what we will talk about. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on We are also now on tunein. Like the show? Why not donate, hit us up on the home page. Until next time....

CCR 2016 Episode 7 Smells like zombie Christ urine

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Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 7-Smells like zombie Christ urine

Featuring Choo Choo Stu

Time: 02/24/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Well this show is sure to #KickYouInTheCooter folks. DK and Big B are joined tonight by none other than Choo Choo Stu, and they are hell bent on having a party during our most recent winter storm. Its good to see all of Big B's plumbing and electrical is functioning well. First off a recent visit to a church for a christening triggers some very interesting conversation. Have you ever imagined a resurrected Christ has a zombie? Or a Vicar named Gay? What the hell is a Vicar anyway? Also the boys concede that none of them have watched any movies ever that get nominated at the Oscars, so they plan a little celebration of their own. The Golden Anus award features 3 skits from our show where the guests have acted out skits. First its Choo Choo Stu who brought us Constable Carson in a drunken stupor. Then Dylan and Kayla rein act a jealous girls text conversation. Then its the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool doing Salami vs Elmer vs Dave. Who wins? Just tune in to see. Melania Trump has first lady, smoking a fag, and a new member to urine stench alley. Cave Crew Radio is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern and if you would like to throw us a couple bucks go donate at

Cave Crew Radio Anniversary special. Electrical masturbation and buried carrots.

 With special guest Choo Choo Stu

 Time: 01/27/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Here we go cave dwellers. Has it really been a year? Sir Big B and Mr Wednesday night DK are joined tonight with the return of Choo Choo Stu. The beers and shots are all lined up and what a better way to celebrate then to call our dear friend Bill in Calgary. This time Juan and the goat are trying to find a forever home , but Bill has some great advice. Then Big B calls a lady in Arizona looking to get rid of some cats, a great start for his new Chinese restaurant. On to reporter of the week. Stu has two entries as he tries to become our first back to back winner. There is the story of the man found with his pants down after watching porn on the highway. Then how about a tuxedo for your penis? Not your cup of tea. Mrs Kotter tells us that we can name a cock roach after our ex for 10 bucks. Oh and dont forget the Dollar store manager who has a strange punishment for shoplifters. Cave Crew Radio is live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern only at

Cave Crew Radio 2016 episode 2 A Walmart engagement and the Nigerian upstairs

 Cave Crew Radio 2016 Eps 2- A Walmart engagement and the Nigerian upstairs 

 Time: 01/13/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back for our first broadcast from our new home at Tonight Sir Big B and DK have a full night of crazy stuff lined up. We continue our search for the Cave Crew reporter of the week with 3 new stories. First up its Kelly. She submitted a story of a couple that gets engaged in a Walmart and goes on to commit a string of robberies for sex toys and lingerie. Then Choo Choo Stu brings us a story of a butcher who has been serving pork masked as beef to Muslims. Last but not least Cody is in the running again with a new form of male contraceptive, its got an on off switch. Then the boys decide to take up their civic duty to find a home for 11 Syrian refugees and a goat in Calgary. We search down some rooms for rent and try to find a home for our new friends. Enter Richard and Bill our lovely landlords. Thats all for this week. Remember to join the Facebook group and check out the new home page at