2016 Episode 8.....50 shades of anus

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 8--50 Shades of Anus

 Special guest DJ Chris (from Double Talk Radio)

 Time: 03/02/2016 09:00 PM EST Episode Notes: Welcome back to the cave folks. This week its DK with out Sir Big B but fear not. It is old meets new as Choo Choo Stu and DJ Chris (Former host of Double Talk Radio) jump in studio. Perhaps a slow start as we discuss Stu's new position has the prime minister of piss. But the train quickly leaves the station, Choo tells us about his McDonalds experience and using a thing called wiffy. Kanye West is caught using Pirate bay for Illegal downloads, an elf high on acid does battle with the evil Morgoth, apparently if trump wins a lot of people will be moving to DK's beloved Canada, and remember your memory foam mattress is called that for a reason. Then its time for the reporter of the week. Mrs Kotter submits a story about a man who smuggles turtles in his pants, Cho gives us one of a 16 year old boy who gets to live with a porn star for a month, and lastly Cody sends in, a mom who thinks a butt plug is a cats toy. All this and so much more. You never know what we will talk about. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on www.cavecrewradio.com We are also now on tunein. Like the show? Why not donate, hit us up on the home page. Until next time....