Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 28 Pierce the nipple of the kitchen steward

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 29
 Pierce the nipple of the kitchen steward

 Time: 07/20/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome to the show folks. The Big B has returned from Maine with a vengeance. This week Choo Choo is away in Spain. First Big B tells us about his drive thru New Hampshire and then DK gets started on the Pokemon's again. But this time he has invented his own game to counteract it. We talk about strange sex toy accidents and yes there are beats bullets , electric toothbrushes and something called a Jack Rabbit the ripper involved. Then the boys take to the phones in Vancouver, Canada. First DK decides he needs a job and has an interesting approach. Then Big B introduces us to Pierre Lacroix a guy who wants to learn the trade at a Chinese massage parlor. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and Saturdays at 8pm eastern on the Podcast Radio Network.