Cave Crew Radio Episode 39 A burning heap of black stuff

Time: 12/01/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Hold on tight, there is lots going on in this episode. Make sure you stay until the end the last 30 minutes will have you in stitches. We start the show with Big B's son and Choo Choo's daughter both vomiting all over the house. Dirty sheets, milk curds you get the idea. We then reveal our note books and the secrets inside. We gain access to the minutes from a recent meeting at the allotment. It seems to leave more questions then answers, and what is it that brings the hosts to tears? There is another edition of Take the Bait. Tumble dryers, stray cats, Helen Keller is possessed, ghost peppers up your ass, humus kabobs, dial up internet and porn, metal coat hangers, and the dangers of licorice. Get our drift? Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 9pm eastern on and on Cave Crew TV on YouTube. We have set up a patreon account if you would like to support the show