Cave Crew Radio Episode 31 Bad Tomatoes and a #44

Time: 08/10/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back everyone. This weeks show gets a little strange. Big B starts things off with a story of a chap climbing a building in New York City. Choo Choo educates us on a garden he rents called an allotment. He tells of an altercation between his wife and the manager of the grounds. We then phone the President of the allotment to get his side of the story. We soon settle down and learn of an ATM that serves fresh pizza in Ohio. This leads into Stu telling us about his vending machine at work. We finally get back to some news out of Florida. Including a mother who drives her children to shoot bb guns at a homeless guy, a man who delivers pizza and fireworks to the lady of his dreams and a woman arrested for trying to inject an undercover cop with Botox. All this and some chatter about the Olympic games in Rio. Cave Crew Radio can be heard live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and Saturdays at 8pm eastern on the Podcast Radio Network. Remember in exchange for sending DK 5 dollars you will receive a tomato. Until next time, stay weird.