Cave Crew Radio 2016 Ep35 Wing sings Wissam jizzum

Time: 09/29/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the cave folks. Stu is back with DK and Big B feeling better than ever after his venture as a woman and a bout with the man flu. We kick of the show talking about sick days and wages in England, the USA, and Canada. But like always things take a delightful strange turn. DK plays another Wing song for Big B, and a new tune called Pen apple pineapple pen. We talk about a company that will send a potato with your message on it. Also there is a new mask out for Halloween and its a fully functional vagina mask, there is the lady who started a go fund me to support her move after she found 2 burglars having sex on her coach, and a woman who tried to stop a urine test by calling in a bomb threat. Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 9pm eastern on and replays Saturdays at 8pm on the Podcast Radio Network. Please be sure to join our Facebook group and check out video from our Youtube channel.