Cave Crew Radio 2016 Ep34 Sound guy and the bot fly

Time: 09/22/2016 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the cave everybody. This week Choo is out with the sniffles, so Big B and DK are joined by guest Jeff Gross. Jeff is a sound engineer in Hollywood and has worked on such films as Zombieland and Money Ball. First up we get an inside look at how the sound effects are made and come about in film. DK then dares to ask how they do the sound effects in porn. Let the fun begin. Big B has another disastrous commute home leading to some hate for the UN council, and DK is being tormented by a house fly. We have a story about a woman who is now farting out of her vagina and welcome to the world of egg plant flavored condoms. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday night at 9pm eastern on and replays on the Podcast Radio Network on Saturdays at 8pm. Dont forget to check us out and subscribe on Youtube.