Cave Crew Radio 2016 (Election Special) Extra terrestrial election turrets

Time: 11/08/2016 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: A truly historic date deserves an equally epic show. Its a special Tuesday night edition of the cave. We are covering the biggest election in the modern age. Trump vs Clinton. Big B is providing updates on the election through out the show. DK is moderating and Choo Choo Stu is doing his thing. The man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool also stops by for this epic event. Aside from our political banter on the election we manage to bring you some other angles. What are Big B's snack and beverage choices, we bring you the ever popular Stu cam, when he decides to break in to his neighbors house for free wifi. We play a round of breaking news with Matty. A man with no legs and no arms is on the run, and a teacher gets a dildo stuck in her bumb. What is Stu planning on the allotment if Trump wins. Of course we give our predictions. Who wins the monkey or the goat. Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday on and on youtube Cave Crew TV